The Uninvited Women Journal

1st Edition 2018


We are proud to share with you The Uninvited Women Journal 1st Edition.  With thanks to our co editors Nuran and Chloe and all our contributors.  We really threw open a net to see the interest and were incredibly humbled by the contributions, but also the excitement and interest in this work.  

Our thanks goes to, Georgina Marcelino Mercedes, Imen Riahi, Hazel Larkin, Jennifer Uhram and Majid Hussain. 

In this journal we travel from black women's experiences of racism within the Spanish feminist movement (which we are all too familiar with), to Tunisia to address the media post revolution, to Ireland to understand shame and the impact it has on women and girls, a focus on indigenous women in Canada, moving towards a understanding of the Aid Too movement, with an interview with our co founder Shaista Aziz on NGO Safe Space, and ending with one of our male allies contribution. 

Click the button below for the 1st edition of the journal. We would love your feedback on this edition, and we hope that you will be inspired to share your own thoughts and your own work with us in future editions.  We will keep you updated through our twitter and instagram feeds. 

With solidarity,