IFFP In Tunisia!

In July 2018, Intersectional Feminist Foreign Policy (IFFP) led it's first international project with the support of a young student in Tunisia, Noorjahan, and parliamentarian, Huda Slim from Machrou Tunis.

The time was spent in the Tunisian parliament, talking to politicians and political advisers on the situation for women post revolutions.  

As well as this, we ran roundtables with young women unpicking their concerns around the way in which young women's voices are disregarded. But their hopes for what role they play in shaping a Tunisia which is fair, equal and represents everyone. 

We facilitated a workshop exploring an issue young people chose, around healthy relationships and gender based violence.  Addressing the context in Tunisia, the UK and globally.  For some young people this was their everyday work in tackling this issue, however, for others this workshop opened them to exploring a range of issues that they hadn't previously engaged in.  

One of the biggest learning from this journey, was the need to create positive spaces that young women can lead and participate fully without feeling their views and opinions are shut down. And we hope that is exactly what we were able to facilitate.

We will be developing a young women's leadership programmed with the support of young women and parliamentarians in Tunisia in 2019, and will be publicising this project at the end of the year. 

A massive thank you to Noorjahan for organising a packed few days for us, and being a brilliant host during our time in Tunisia.  


Tunisia 2018


We will be transforming the world.  Believe me. 

—  Hudda Slim, Tunisian Parliamentarian