The Uninvited Women Journal

Vol. 2 

November 25th 2019


We are proud to share with you The Uninvited Women Journal vol. 2. which addresses the theme of Nationality and Statelessness. 

Huge thanks goes to all the women who contributed to the journal, Ruth Mutsi Johanne, Dr. Sharireh Sharif, Farida Y.A. Ismail, Mahboobeh, Ekua Bayunu, Saira Qureshi, Tatiana Sofia Conejo, Josephine Brook Moberg, Marcia Hutchinson and Warsan Shire. We'd also like to thank our co editors Chloe and Nuran for their support in putting the journal together and supporting our contributors. 

In this journal we have a range of photo essays, poems and reflective pieces from our contributors that reflect their relationship with the theme.  Incredibly powerful pieces around an issue that is discussed often but rarely with those being directly impacted by them.  We hope this is an opportunity to hear and absorb women's lived experiences from around the world. 

Click the button below for vol. 2 of the journal. We would love your feedback on this edition, and we hope that you will be inspired to share your own thoughts and your own work with us in future editions.  We will keep you updated through our twitter and instagram feeds. 

With solidarity,