Who we are

Co Founders Amna & Shaista
Volunteers Chloe & Nuran

Building our own table

We strongly feel from all our interaction with women around the world – their voices are mostly missing from the rooms, conference halls and tables where policy makers are holding discussions.

We know that women are a phenomenal force for change – this is why we have set up Intersectional Feminist Foreign Policy.


We want to bring like minded women together who are seeking solutions to ensure that our foreign policy is ethical and creates no further harm to women.


We also want to open up space in the NGO communities to ensure a more ethical and intersectional approach to working with marginalised women. The global NGO space remains very white, very male, very elite and where there are women present – we believe there is a lack of an intersectional approach to working with marginalised women.

We seek to influence the creation of intersectional feminist foreign policy.


This page is a space for us to create real debate and discussions on these issues, to share articles and ideas and to build a solid network of women who are interested in supporting every one of us on this page to move things forward.


If you are interested in writing for us, supporting our work, seek our guidance, volunteer or have a chat and a cup of tea to discuss further, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.